I am passionate about empowering and protecting consumers and believe that everyone has the right to be treated fairly by the organisations they deal with. 

All consumers deserve to be: protected from unsafe products and services; given clear, timely information to make informed choices; given access to effective forms of redress. In real life, things can go wrong, but how organisations deal with mistakes can make a world of difference.

Finding solutions to consumer problems - by raising awareness, giving advice and campaigning for improvements - is something that I genuinely love to do.



I have worked exclusively in the field of consumer research, advocacy and protection for more than 20 years.


Since becoming an independent consultant in 2006 I have worked with a wide range of consumer and public interest organisations - in the UK, Europe and beyond - successfully delivering research studies, magazine articles, web content and reports on a diverse range of consumer issues. See my Portfolio for a selection of my work.

Prior to going freelance I spent six years at Which? as a senior researcher, managing project teams and writing articles for publication in Which? magazine. I started my career as Executive Assistant to Jan Walsh (three times voted 'Consumer Journalist of the Year') managing the research division of Consumer Analysis Ltd


In addition to my consultancy work...


I hold the position of Non-Executive Consumer Director at TrustMark, the only government-endorsed scheme for traders carrying out work in and around the home. My role is to ensure that consumer protection remains central to TrustMark's vision and service delivery. I lead TrustMark's Consumer Protection Council (CPC) to facilitate engagement with consumer stakeholders and identify areas of improvement across the sector.


I am an Expert Advisor to BSI's Consumer & Public Interest Network (CPIN) Steering Group, which provides strategic direction to CPIN's work. Since 2009, I have worked as a consumer representative to ensure that the consumer voice is heard in the development of UK, European and international standards.


I specialise in the field of services and my main areas of expertise are:

  • Consumer vulnerability

  • Complaints and redress

  • Customer service

  • Digital services

  • Financial services

  • Home improvements

  • Travel and tourism

  • Telecoms and utilities

  • Scams and fraud

  • Sustainability and environment